Fascias & Soffits Blackpool, Lancaster & Morecambe

Fascias and soffits offer protection to your roof timbers. Without them, the framework that supports your roof would be exposed to extreme weather conditions. We install and upgrade soffits and can include vented soffits in the build. When installed correctly, they permit air flow into your attic which makes your property more energy efficient. Ventilated soffit boards help prevent the build-up of moisture in the roof space, which can cause timber eaves and joists to rot over a period of time, weakening the roof structure.

Our products are designed to protect and enhance every part of your roof and will keep it looking clean and attractive for many years. Whichever design of soffits you opt for, our extensive colour choice and high-quality materials mean we can create a finish that enhances the overall appearance of your home.

Fascia boards can be installed either over your existing fascias as a maintenance add on, or you can replace them entirely with new fascias for extra peace of mind. You can also do the same for your soffits on your roof, either installing a board over it or replacing them entirely. Usually a board provides enough security and stability for your home, but if the fascias or soffits are looking worse for wear, it is often advised that you replace them entirely.